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What is Testing, Adjusting and Balancing?

Testing, Adjusting and Balancing, commonly referred to as TAB, are the three major steps used to achieve proper operation of HVAC systems. The end result of TAB is to provide maximum occupant comfort while achieving peak energy efficiency.

Why do I need Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Services?

Testing, Adjusting and Balancing services are vital for both new construction and existing buildings alike.  TAB services are required in order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy before anyone may occupy a building in the case of new construction or when an existing building is to be used for a new purpose. TAB services are essential in new construction to confirm that the Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning system will perform as it was designed prior to and after installation. Similarly, in existing buildings, HVAC systems need to be tested, adjusted and rebalanced from time to time to ensure that the system is functioning as efficiently as possible. In a world of ever-rising energy costs our TAB services can provide you with the comfort of knowing that your HVAC system will operate to ensure the lowest energy costs while maintaining occupant comfort.

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Why choose E. L. Barrett Company, Inc.?

Incorporated in 1985, E. L. Barrett Company, Inc. is an independent trusted leader in TAB services. Located just south of Boston in Quincy, MA. We pride ourselves on the quality workmanship of our TABB certified technicians.  We have dedicated ourselves to building quality client relationships.

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  • Proper air and water balancing saves energy costs and keeps occupants comfortable.
  • A well maintained system provides a consistent high performance record and enhances property value.
  • Our experienced, certified (TABB) professionals diagnose problems and make repairs quickly.